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    The Enviroguard Chute Wash System lets you clean your chutes efficiently, without  creating an environmental hazard. The stone is retained in the lightweight bucket while the cementitious slurry and sand is pumped back into the drum.

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    The Enviroguard Chute Wash System allows you to do your part to look after our environment.Our system allows for the safe disposal of excess concrete that accumulates on truck chutes.
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    Features of 

    the system

    Unit consists of pump, buckets, hoses,
    and all necessary hardware.
    Driver attaches special bucket to chute hooks
    and washes down chute.
    A screen in the bucket catches coarse
    aggregate for later disposal.
    Slurry water, including sand is pumped
    from bucket into mixer drum.

    Benefits of


    Installation time is about two hours.
    Very little training required for operation.
    Wash down anywhere eliminating the disposal cost. 
    Wash out time same as traditional washouts.
    System is designed for long term use.
    Minimal maintenance required.
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    Enviroguard was designed by people who work directly in the industry. Drivers, maintenance, and management personnel all contributed to the creation of this system so you can be sure it addresses all your environmental concerns.


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Enviroguard A modern simple solution for your chute wash needs