Environment Friendly Chute Wash Systems
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About Us

EnviroGuard is an innovative and environmentally sound disposal method of waste water and concrete slurry. The EnviroGuard chute rinse system is easily installed on to all ready mix concrete trucks. It is well built, simple to use and inexpensive to maintain. With environmental standards and regulations steadily tightening operators are no longer permitted to dump dirty water and concrete slurry on to the ground or near fresh water ways, storm water systems or sewers. The EnviroGuard system improves truck turn around times and efficiencies. It collects all waste water and concrete slurry, removing risk of penalties and fines from regional authorities.

Why EnviroGuard?

 "The entire unit is light and simple to use, stores easily and requires minimal maintenance. With proper use, the system does not increase washout time."


  • Unit consists of pump, buckets, hoses, and all necessary hardware

  • Total weight is 100 lbs

  • Driver attaches special bucket to chute hooks and washes down chute

  • A screen in the bucket catches coarse aggregate for later disposal

  • Slurry water, including sand is pumped from bucket into mixer drum, usually 5 – 8 gallons

  • The pump has been specially modified to reduce wear from abrasives

  • All contaminates remain in the truck system


  • Installation time is about two hours

  • Very little training required for operation

  • Everything is installed on the truck, so drivers can wash down anywhere eliminating the disposal cost for contractors

  • Wash out time averages the same amount of time as traditional washouts

  • System is designed for long term use, minimal maintenance required

  • Patented in Canada, the United States, Australia, Singapore, and Mexico