Environment Friendly Chute Wash Systems
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The days of drivers hosing down their chutes and allowing dirty water (high PH) and suspended solids to contaminate the ground water or infiltrate into storm sewer systems are rapidly disappearing. Our EnviroGuard Chute Wash System allows you to do your part to look after our environment.

Environmental standards and regulations are steadily tightening. This creates a problem for ready-mix truck drivers who must clean their truck’s chutes after delivering loads of concrete. Traditionally, drivers have simply hosed down their chutes, and let the dirty water pool on the ground or infiltrate into storm sewers.

However, authorities are becoming increasingly concerned about the effect this high pH slurry water has on fish bearing streams and ground vegetation. Many contractors are now required to provide water tight washout containers at their job sites. What’s more, legislation that restricts environmentally improper site washouts is likely in many parts of North America.

The solution to these problems is the EnviroGuard Chute Wash System. It lets drivers clean their trucks without creating any hazard to the environment. It’s also affordable, easy to install and user-friendly.

The EnviroGuard system was developed by a team who all work in the ready-mix industry. This team included drivers, maintenance and management personnel. So you can be confident that it addresses every aspect of the problem. The EnviroGuard system is an environmentally-friendly solution that all ready mix concrete operators will want to use.