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Diaphragm Pump


Diaphragm Pump

$785.00 USD

Pump System - Diaphragm Pump

The EnviroGuard™ Pump

The EnviroGuard™ pump is designed for ease of operation, draining, cleaning and maintenance. Unique design characteristics enable the EnviroGuard™ pump to be drained or cleaned without removing the pump from the application.

Draining The Pump

When used in cold climates, it is sometimes necessary to drain the pump so that water inside the pump does not freeze. Pumps ordered with specialty code 294 are equipped with dual drain valves for this purpose. To drain the EnviroGuard™ pump, simply open both valves and allow water to drain from the pump (see diagram below). Pumps without drain valves can be drained by removing the plugs from both ends of the manifold.

Cleaning The Pump

Debris sometimes become trapped in the pump inlet manifold and it becomes necessary to manually clean the pump. To clean the EnviroGuard™ pump, simply remove the 1-1/2” NPT plugs or reducers from both ends of the manifold and debris can be removed by driving a 1.5” wooden dowel through the manifold (see diagram below).




Part# 40-2673CM

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